Justification VA

[The letter below can be used by NASW Virginia members to pitch their supervisors on allowing time off or requesting budget support to attend the conference. Nonmembers can delete member-oriented references and submit this letter as well. See the DC version of this letter if you are a DC social worker.]

Dear Supervisor,
I would like your approval to attend the [virtual/in-person] 2023 Joint Annual Conference of the Virginia and Metro DC chapters of the National Association of Social Workers March 23-25 [or April 20-22 if virtual].

The event enables me to quickly earn up to 18.5 CEs in person or 68.5 CEs in person plus 60 days’ access to recorded sessions. Another option is to earn 17.5 CEs live-virtual only or 65.5 live-virtual plus 60 days’ access to recorded sessions or 100% on-demand only.

In particular, the agenda includes numerous sessions that offer ethics-qualifying contact hours needed to meet Virginia’s requirement of six hours of ethics training.
It also has an affordable discounted rate since I’m an NASW member and would pre-purchase my registration during the early-rate discount period.

The conference is multidisciplinary and attracts hundreds of social workers from around Virginia, metro DC, and elsewhere, so networking should be fantastic. Nearly 75% of 2020 attendees had attended more than six conferences, so I’m confident from that loyalty that I’ll get good value from the information presented.

The education lineup was put together by a Conference Committee of social workers recruited to ensure all content is relevant, timely, and high quality—they’ve even added some experiential learning formats to provide practical learning firsthand.
The event also has an Exhibitor Fair with service and product providers with whom I can connect to discuss our needs, if that would interest you.

The cost to register until February 8 is $380 early-bird for in-person and $350 for live-virtual attendance, $480 for in-person plus 60-day access to CE-earning recorded sessions, $450 for live-virtual plus 60-day recorded-session access, or $540 for on-demand-only. These are all early-rate discount amounts; the price increases after February 8.

Upon my return from the conference, I will share key takeaways, including those that we might consider or implement immediately to help our clients and organization.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. The organizers offer a significant discount if I register before February 8, 2023, so I appreciate your prompt attention to my request.

[Your name]